UK TeX Users Group

The UK TeX Users Group ( is participating in this unconference. During that day we'll have our AGM, from 2pm to 3pm. There won't be very many of us, say about 10 to 15.

The theme is likely to be training, documentation, installation and support. But it's an unconference.

Afterwards we'll have a committee meeting (say 5pm to 7pm) somewhere nearby the BMI.


If you're planning to attend please put your name and interests below. (This doesn't commit you to attend, and no booking is required.)

Jonathan Fine: TeX, Python and JavaScript are my main interests. I'd like to help improve the online documentation for TeX. I'd like a talk on "Coming soon: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)."

Alex Owen: Hope to attend. Interests: LaTeX - (sub)class and package writing, memoir.cls vs book.cls

Joseph Wright: LaTeX, and in particular helping new users, also chemistry (both within TeX and more widely). I'll have some slides with me for a talk on my siunitx package.

Andrew Ford: LaTeX and Perl - I'm currently playing at converting some books marked up with LaTeX to ebook/kindle format. I am also the author of the Perl LaTeX::Driver and Template::Plugin::Latex modules.

Simon Dales: LaTeX, PHP. Amongst other projects: LaTeX based invoicing system and a TeX/LaTeX package documentation tool ("doxytex").

Alex Regueiro: TeX as a Service: A modern approach to typesetting. "An exploration of the problems of typesetting documents and formulae on-the-fly, and the possible solutions. We discuss the benefits and potential applications of a service-based TeX daemon or function, as well as an overview of past and ongoing efforts."

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