UKUUG Summer 2009 Timetable

Saturday 8th August - Morning

0900 - 0930

Registration and Refreshments

Recital Hall

New Lecture Theatre

0930 - 1100

Mobile Phones, Security and Open Source: Make a Difference
Craig Heath, Symbian Foundation

Openmoko - a nearly completely open GSM phone
Tom Yates, Gatekeeper Technology Ltd.

Mashing Up the Guardian
Michael Brunton-Spall

MP's Expenses - an Op's Eye View
Paul Nasrat

1100 - 1130


1130 - 1300

Free as in profit: Free software fonts
Dave Crossland

Resource Management for Enterprise Servers, Desktops and Virtualisation Environments
Darren Moffat, Sun Microsystems

Converting 16k user mailboxes from MBOX to Maildir++
Ian Norton and Paul Tipper

Exim and LDAP Making Exim talk to an LDAP directory server
Jan-Piet Mens

1300 - 1400


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