FLOSS UK Unconference Autumn 2010

Looking for the 2011 unconference? Details are available at: http://www.flossuk.org/Events/Unconference2011

When: Saturday 16th October, 9:30am - 5pm.

Where: Birmingham & Midland Institute

On Facebook? Visit the event page to see who else is coming.

Registration for the event is not required - just turn up on the day.

What is FLOSS UK 2010?

This is our first unconference, and is being held in collaboration with local FLOSS groups.

There will be an Opening Address by Simon Phipps, an inspirational speaker and Free Software advocate. http://www.webmink.com/about

What is an Unconference?

An unconference is a conference where what happens is organised by the delegates on the day. The event organisers have to arrange something, the main one being a venue, but the rest is down to the delegates. So all the hassle of talk submissions, review and scheduling is taken away.


The unconference starts…

Experience shows that the unconference format results in high quality sessions focussed on what delegates want.

How will FLOSS UK 2010 work?

Because of the numbers we expect, following the above procedure at the beginning may be too lengthy, so we propose to invite groups to set up their own unconferences within the main event, so far we have:

(and we're open to offers from other FLOSS groups!)

Groups are able to make preliminary arrangements on this FLOSS UK wiki - please let us know if you want your group to be added to the left menu.

We will be providing the basic infrastructure only — venue, wiki, wifi internet connectivity, projectors and screens, everything else is up to the delegates!

How much will it cost me?

There is no charge to attend but donations (on the door) will be accepted to help fund the event. Everyone should be able to afford to come, and as it is a one-day event you will not need to incur accommodation costs, though several hotels are available for anyone who wishes to stay over.

Why attend?

There are lots of reasons to attend the 2010 Unconference, including:

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